I was crying when I met you

Now I’m tryin’ to forget you^^ 

Lunch || Chad X Stella


Chad smirked back at Stella. She was pretty cool. Chad didn’t really have the chance to hang out with people other than jocks and cheerleaders and they were all basically the same. It was nice getting to hang out with someone different for a change. Chad bit down on the inside of his lower lip. This was why he only really associated with a few cheerleaders. Sure, they all tried to talk to him and get with him, but he made it known he wasn’t interested and they respected him out of fear of going to the bottom of the social pyramid that still existed at McKinley. “I’m really sorry about that..” He said sadly. “That’s why I don’t really hang out with a lot of the Cheerios.” He mused. “I hate those caty games. If a guy has an issue with someone, we just beat them up.” Chad said with a shrug. “I’ll make sure nothing like that happens again this year though. I promise.” He said with a nod. “I just don’t get why they’re like that to you.. Your mom is their coach.” He said not really understanding. 

"Well, like I said before, if you ever need to talk, don’t be afraid to get a hold of me. The offer still stands." Chad said with a small smile. Once they were brought to their table he mouthed a ‘thank you’ to the waitress and opened up the menu to see what he was going to order. "What are you feeling today?" He asked Stella as he continued to read over the menu. 

Stella rolled her eyes but nodded her head in agreement. “Yeah, like I said before, girls suck…” She looked back down at her lap muttered a “thanks.” She hard sort of forgotten he was like the leader of the pack. It was almost unbelievable that such crappy people would actually be expected to listen to someone who was so different. Except, something seemed to be off, because his morals didn’t seem to be the ones that ran the school. Stella sighed and shook her head, “They’re just annoyed that I’m not like them… I mean they must’ve thought that when the coach’s daughter got to high school, she’d automatically be in the running for the next ‘queen bee’ or whatever, and they got this,” Stella laughed, stopping to look over herself, “and it was like a bitch slap or something to them that I wanted nothing to do with that. They’re been mean to me ever since.” She shrugged and turned back up to Chad before adding, “annnd I also think they’re slightly threatened by me. They think I could get any one of their asses thrown off the squad just by talking to my mom, so they make sure I know that my life would be a living hell if I did. Not that I’d ever actually care enough to do that,” she said with a smirk, rolling her eyes. 

“Thank you,” Stella said with a smile. it was nice to know he was actually there for her. Her other friends were great and all, and they always had tons of fun together, partying and whatnot, but she didn’t think she could ever really talk about things with them. Once sitting down, Stella picked up the menu from the table and skimmed through her options. “The eggplant looks good,” she mused, still glancing around. “What about you?” She peeked over her menu to look at him. 


Had you been drinking?

Well, no…

Hung out at the lake last night


Now that could be fun.


Great, then it’s a date

Lunch || Chad X Stella


"I agree." Chad said with a nod. "Top 40 is just so.. I don’t know.. It doesn’t have any substance to it. But then again, most of the people in this town have no substance." He said with a shrug. Chad bit down on the inside of his lower lip when Stella told him that his friends were mean. It was true, but there had to be some sort of heiarchy in the high school, right? Chad didn’t know how he should go about answering that. He knew that they could be kind of mean. The boy wasn’t fond of being a bully to others, but then again, he let it happen. He as the quarterback and was the team leader. "I uhm.. I guess they can be kind of mean…" Chad said nervously. "They really don’t mean any harm though.." He said trying to cover it up to somehow make it better. He hated it when people judge him. He was afraid that Stella would judge him for being friends with them. 

Chad smiled and nodded. “That’s great. Judging by your post the other day, you didn’t seem like you were having a good day. I’m glad you got to do something for you though.” He mused. “You deserve it.” He said. They finally pulled into the Olive Garden parking lot. Chad held the door open for Stella when they got into the restaurant. He made sure to tell the hostess that there were two of them before she lead them to a booth towards the middle of the restaurant. 

“Right,” Stella smirked. Chad seemed to be one of the few interesting people she’d met in Lima for a while. She glanced down at her lap as she listened to Chad defend his friends. Some of those kids had put her through so much shit that past year, and they had definitely meant to. “Like when those cheerleaders wrote ‘Whore’ on my locker?” Stella looked back up at Chad and sighed. That was definitely humiliating, and getting into a fight with the girl who had done it didn’t make the situation much better. 

“Yeah… yeah, no I wasn’t,” Stella muttered, shifting in her seat, “but thanks.” She offered him a small smile before sliding out of the car once they reached a stop. Thanking him once again for holding her door, Stella stepped into the restaurant and stood beside Chad as he talked to the hostess, following the two of them to their table just a moment after. 

Lunch || Chad X Stella


"Thanks." Chad said with a small smile. "You’re actually one of the only people that thinks that." He mused. "As you know most of my friends are well… Top 40 to say the least." Chad said chuckling lightly. The boy was always different than the other jocks. Sure, he got into a lot of the boyish fun they had and on occasions he’d make fun of someone, but for the most part he was nice. He only made fun of people who were rude to him, and he thought that was fair. 

Chad laughed a little. “Yeah, I guess you’re right about that.” He mused. Though, he was careful to not go any further. Those were his friends and he didn’t want to dis them. “I’m glad you had a good time.” Chad said with a smile. “i’m sure it was just awesome to be able to meet him.” 

Stella shook her head. “I wish more people would appreciate this stuff,” she said, gesturing towards the speakers. “Top 40 just can’t compare.” Chad was definitely different from the rest of his friends. It was obvious to tell after getting to know him. She used to think he was juts some bone head jock, like the rest of them. But now that she thought about it, he had never been one to target she or any of her friends at school. Although, he was still friends with those guys, which, in Stella’s book, did mean something. “Your friends can be pretty mean sometimes, you know…” Stella muttered. 

Stella nodded and smiled softly. “Yeah it really was… I definitely needed something like that.” By something, she meant something happy. Lately almost everything seemed to be so shitty. Anything, really, anything, that was able to take her mind off of it all was welcomed. 

Lunch || Chad X Stella


Chad smiled at Stella when she came to the door. “It’s okay, no problem at all. It’s not like we’re in a hurry.” He said chuckling lightly. “Nice shirt.” Chad said gesturing to Stella’s Aerosmith shirt. Once they got into the car, Chad plugged his iPhone in and handed it to Stella. “Feel free to go through the music and play something. I love my backround music.” He said with a smile as they pulled out of the driveway. 

"Alright then, Olive Garden it is." Chad said chuckling lightly. "Yeah, it’s just so.. I don’t know.. Popular around here, and I’m kind of sick of it to be honest." He mused. "My friends love going there and they always end up dragging me with them." He said rolling his eyes playfully."So, how was the concert last night?" Chad asked curiously. "I saw you got a picture with Steven Tyler. That’s freaking awesome." He mused as he kept his eyes on the road. 

Stella looked down at her top and smiled before offering a thank you and sliding into the car. As she got situated in her seat, she scrolled through Chad’s music before stopping at Soundgarden and pressing ‘play’. “You have an awesome taste in music,” she said. That was a lot to say for any other McKinley kid, especially one that wore a letterman jacket to school all the time. To say that was unexpected would be an understatement. 

Stella rolled her eyes jokingly and shook her head. “Those kids have no taste,” she laughed. “Olive Garden is definitely the way to go.” She grinned and turned to face Chad at the mention of the concert. “It was amazing. They’re so fantastic live, it’s insane.. and Steven Tyler, oh my god, he was so cool. I swear I almost peed my pants when I met him,” she laughed. 

Lunch || Chad X Stella


Chad was beyond proud of himself and his teammates. They had won their first scrimmage. All of their hard work throughout the summer was proving to be working. Chad smiled to himself as he went back to the locker room and got himself showered. He was excited to be going to lunch with Stella this afternoon. The two of them seemed to have a lot in common with each other, especially in their music taste. Once he was all showered, Chad put on a navy V-neck and some denim shorts. He fixed his hair real quick and headed out to his car.

The boy shoved all of his football gear into his trunk, started his car, and headed to the Lopez-Pierce household. Once he pulled up to the circular drive, he took one last look at himself in the mirror and hopped out of the car to knock on the door. “Hey.” Chad said smiling softly at Stella. With that, he opened the passenger door of the car for her then hopped into his seat and drove of. “So, I was thinking we could go to Olive Garden.” He mused. “I love their bread sticks so much and well.. I’m pretty sure everyone out here in LIma is so sick of Breadstix.” Chad said chuckling lightly. “So how are you?” He asked curiously as they drove. 

Stella had gotten out of bed barely an hour ago, and had only actually gone to sleep around six that morning. But with keeping up with that pattern practically all summer, apart from the Florida trip, she had gotten used to it. However, that didn’t stop the bags under her eyes from forming, which she easily covered up right after applying her signature black eyeliner and red lip stick. Checking the time, Stella rushed to slip on the Aerosmith shirt, which had already been cut up into a loose tank top, that she got at the concert the night before, and ragged pair of jeans. She was really looking forward to hanging out with Chad. She had never really gotten the chance to hang out with him before, and she could always use a new friend.

Once hearing a knock on the door, Stella quickly climbed down the stairs and into the foyer. “Just a sec!” She called to the front door before racing into the kitchen and popping an Aspirin for her hangover. She quickly checked her hair in the reflection of the fridge before walking back into the foyer and opening door to meet Chad. “Hey, sorry for making you wait,” she said sheepishly, following her friend to his car.  “Thanks,” she said with a smile when he opened the passenger door for her. She quickly climbed in and buckled up, waiting for Chad to do the same. “Yeah, Olive Garden sounds great!” She answered. “And I definitely agree with you on that one,” Stella laughed, shifting in her seat. “I’m pretty good,” she shrugged, neglecting to mention the pounding in her head. “What about you? How was football practice?”

I can’t stop sneezing.






This cold is going to be the end of me. I just want to be curled up in bed watching movies with my fiance.

Aw, that sucks :( want me to bring you over some tea or something?

I’m at work right now but you could always stop by.

Yeah, for sure! I’ll come by and drop some off, you’re right on the way of where I need to be, so it’s perfect

I’ll need a hug too. I’ll try not to get you sick.

Good thing I’m the /best/ at giving hugs, then :)